Premier Boards is good governance and risk management
without more box checking and hoop jumping.



Beautiful Board Software

Marcollie Blue conducted a compliance & governance survey in February 2015 with Directors in the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe regions.  The results indicate that strengthening compliance and governance is a critical issue for Boards of Directors:

92% of Directors believe that they need to be better informed on breaches of approval thresholds

70% of Directors believe that they need to be more aware of gifts & hospitality spend relating to sensitive parties

60% of Directors are concerned that they are insufficiently informed on risks relating to maintaining country compliance and meeting regulatory reporting requirements. 

75% of Directors believe that their companies are at risk in not meeting Shareholder responsibilities.



Premier Boards enhances the effectiveness and
reduces the risks of Boards of Directors.

Premier Boards provides Boards of Directors with a board portal which :

  • Streamlines compliance:
    • Conflict of interest, anti-bribery , anti-money laundering legislation
    • Document retention
    • Company-specific financial and non-financial limitations
  • Enhances shareholder engagement
  • Enables secure, anytime access to board materials 
  • Manages board and committee meetings


Document Management  
Meeting Management 
Survey & Voting Tools
Discussion Boards
Role Based Portals


Anti-Bribery/Anti Money Laundering
Gifts & Hospitality
Legal & Exchange
Conflicts of Interest
Trading Approvals

Compliance with international regulations and good governance leads to better market valuations, reduces the cost of capital, ensures company sustainability and better operational results.